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Explore a range of flexible evaluation options tailored for traders. With 1-step or 2-step challenges, we provide the versatility you need to align with your trading expertise and goals. Choose a pricing plan that suits your style and sets you on a path to trading success.

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Select between our 1-step or 2-step evaluation challenges to kickstart your journey in prop trading today.

EquityEdge   Payouts

Generous Profit Split

Start at an 80% profit split and scale up to 90% as you show consistency in your trading, empowering you to keep more of your hard-earned gains.

48 Hour Payouts

Experience the convenience of payments processed within 48 hours, ensuring your earnings are in your hands without unnecessary delays.

Flexibility in Payouts

Choose the payout method that suits you best. Whether you prefer traditional bank transfers or the convenience of cryptocurrencies, we’ve got you covered.

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